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18-20 febrero 2004 Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga
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Open Source World Conference

International forum for presentation and discussion of technical issues, applications and business cases on open source.

The topics will include the following areas:

  • Technical Issues:
  • Sectorial Applications
  • Business and Market Issues

José Carlos Alarcón y Juan Reig

The conference in Malaga opens up free software to society

Photography: Luis Serrano
Some 5000 people have attended the International Free Software Conference which has been taking place in Malaga over the last few days; from the 18th until the 20th of February. José Carlos Alarcón, the General Secretary for the Development of the Information Society in Andalusia, stated at the closing press conference that initial estimates for attendees were at 1500 for all three days. He stressed that the conference objective with regard to this had been more than adequately achieved and that “free software has leapt from the strictly technological environment of the developer into the whole of society”. Juan Reig, the Conference Director, stated that during the event the most commonly used words have been those of “freedom” and “sharing”

The Andalusian Local Government makes a commitment to ONCE to make Guadalinex accessible to the blind

The Andalusian Local Government makes a commitment to ONCE to collaborate in the realization of a version of Guadalinex with access tools for the visually impaired. José Carlos Alarcón, General Secretary of Development for the Information Society in Andalusia and Eugenio Pérez, Director of the Department of Research and Development, CIDAT made this commitment today at the International Free Software Conference in Malaga

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Si Vd. asistió a la Conferencia y no ha recibido un correo electrónico invitándole a participar en la encuesta, por favor contacte con nosotros en esta dirección:

If you attended this Conference and haven't received an invitation to fill up the poll, please contact us at this email address:

- Proceedings Book (PDF, 14Mb)

- Libro de Ponencias (PDF, 14Mb)

I Debian Derivative
First Debian Derivative Meeting, will be held in Málaga on the context of the Open Source World Conference.

People involved in Free and Open Source Software Philosophy:

Carl Mitcham

Felix Duque Pajuelo

Andoni Alonso

Luis Millán Vázquez de Miguel

Javier Bustamante Donas

Antonio Castillo

Miguel de Icaza

Bdale Garbee

Colin Watson

Martin Michlmayr

Jesús M. González Barahona

Marcelo Sosa Iudicissa

Miguel A. Amutio Gómez

Barbara Held

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