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18-20 febrero 2004 Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga
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A new worm arises, “Doomjuice.A”, with the objective of attacking the Microsoft web

A new worm named “Doomjuice.A” has arisen with the objective of attacking Microsoft’s web page, according to security experts, using the gateway created by Mydoom.A and Mydoom.B and by slowing down part of the Information Programs Assembly Page

According to the Virus Early Warning Centre, “Doomjuice.A” is a worm, which spreads itself through the Internet. By using back doors created by Mydoom.A and Mydoom.B allowing it to replicate itself in computers affected by these worms.

“Doomjuice.A” Launches DDos attacks (Distributed denial of service attacks) against the Microsoft portal. The Early Warning Center gives it a danger level of a Low 2.

“It is only searching for machines infected by MyDoom A or B and is not spreading as rapidly as the initial MyDoom worms”, said Vincent Gullotto, Vice-president of the Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team at Network Associates.

Given that Doomjuice proliferates directly between infected computers, above all by way of e-mail, the experts have said that it wouldn’t be correct to to classify as a variant of MyDoom.

“Web Worm”

The company Panda Software stated that the appearance of “Doomjuice.A”, a new computer virus preparing to distribute itself as a “web worm” in a “very dangerous” form, indectable and invisible to the user through electronic mail unlike other viruses.

According to the same sources, the authors of this new virus could be the same authors who created “Mydoom.A”; a “worm” that continues to infect information systems and will probably continue to be active beyond the 12th of February, the date it seemed that it’s distribution by e-mail had ceased.

“The same author has presumably launched a new malicious code undetectable through electronic mail, given that it takes advantage of doors opened by “Mydoom.A” and “Mydoom.B”. The behavior of this new virus reminds us of the “SQLSlammer”, or otherwise, a “Web worm” that uses an open door in the same way as it would a server weakness”, Panda Software points out.

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