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18-20 febrero 2004 Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga
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Prince Phillip of Asturias , HRH. Borbón, Felipe González, Manuel Chaves y Francisco de la torre

Prince Phillip asks that all Spanish citizens have access to new technology in Information and communications
Fotografia: Luis Serrano
Prince Phillip of Asturias , HRH. Borbón, inaugurated the International Free Software Conference in Malaga, asking for “our understanding in how to guarantee the accessibility of information and communication technologies to all citizens in our globalized world “. Participating in the opening ceremony together with Prince Phillip were the President of the Andalusian Council, Manuel Chaves, the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de Torre , Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Society of Information and the Director of the Conference, Juan Reig. The Conference organized by the Andalusian Council will take place from today, the 18th of February until the 20th of February

Prince Phillip declared the International free software conference in Malaga open and thanked the Andalusian Council for inviting him to inaugurate the conference. He expressed that “the technologies of information and communications are the master keys with which we open this new world, and the need for us to know how to guarantee their accessibility to all the citizens of our new globalized world, regardless of where they may live, their financial situation and social or cultural conditions”. HRH. Phillip of Borbón added that “this is something we still have not achieved not even in the richest and most advanced of our societies.

The President of the Andalusian Regional Government, Manuel Chaves, recognised the importance of the conference organizers effort and especially thanked individuals, businesses and organizations for their collaboration and participation. Manuel Chaves affirmed that the Andalusian Regional Government is going to “promote Free Software as a way of avoiding digital discrimination, as well as one of the basic ideas that brings us all together at this international conference. We share the intention for access to quality advanced IT resources not to be dependent on the financial capacity of the user, moreover, the contrary, that this access be open to all citizens regardless of their situation, geographical location or economic level.

The director of the conference, Juan Reig, commented that this Conference will show that the technical tendencies of the future are going to analyse the impact of function models and those of businesses from the software industry and service industry. Reig added that “we are also going to understand the transition processes of traditional models and innovative models based in Open Source Software and to revise what is happening in the world, from Australia to Denmark, from Poland to the United Kingdom, from regions such as Andalusia or Extremadura to the provinces of Germany”.

The International free Software Conference is taking place from today until the 20th of February. The conference venue will have access to the internet by wi-fi (cable less) in its totality. Likewise, transmitting by internet, in audio and video, the most important moments in the sessions, through a special technology, called streaming. The retransmission will be able to be followed from computers from the entire world, connecting with a link from the same web page as the conference.

In the workshops we will be able to familiarize ourselves with the lastest in free software regarding Public Administration and e-government, healthcare technologies, industrial applications and educational tools, including tele-training or e-learning.

The Intervention of Felipe González

The expresident of the Spanish Government, during his time as elected man of the people of daily politics, maintains that participating in world conferences is a vital activity. Matters concerning New Technologies and the Knowledge and Information Society awake significant interest in Felipe González who dedicates a large part of his time to reflecting on how these themes may affect the lives of others.

Participating alongside Felipe González the 18th of February, will be the Euro-parliamentarian: Marco Carpatto, expert for the Society of Information and Fernando Villespín, Lecturer of Political Science for the Administration of the Autonomous University of Madrid, who brings to light scientific policy and technological themes.

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I Debian Derivative
First Debian Derivative Meeting, will be held in Málaga on the context of the Open Source World Conference.

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