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18-20 febrero 2004 Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga
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During the last few years Free Software has advanced and matured so much that it comes as no surprise to any of us that a designated free application should be perfectly capable of rendering it´s functions with absolute reliability. The purpose of this event, therefore, is not to expose isolated evidence of free software, but moreover complete cases of implemented solutions based on totally or mostly free software.


We have many objectives. The first of which being to bring to light rather impartial examples of cases in which solutions based on free software have been sucessfully implemented along with their benefits, difficulties and inconveniences. Our main objective, however, is undoubtedly to lift the spirit of free software for those organisations who are working with free software or considering doing so and to encourage the sharing of knowledge and universal collaboration without barriers. We hope that organisations with similar interests will contact eachother with a view to cooperating in the development of projects given to the procurement of bona fide solutions which meet requirements effectively, without having to pay double or reinvent the wheel. We believe that cooperating in this way could not only lead to the cutting of costs but pave the path to a standardisation of solutions better equiped to anticpate client needs.


During the next days February 18th, 19th and 20th 2004, the Government of the Junta de Andalucia is organising in Malaga the Open Source International Conference. The execution of this event, of international dimension, is a fact that fits clearly inside the strategic initiatives adopted by the Junta de Andalucia in recent years to give impulse to the development of the Information and Knowledge Society.

Since more than one year, the Government of the Junta de Andalucia has promoted a debate about the Andalucia's Second Modernisation. This debate, open to all the citizens through Internet, has counted with the coordination of a group of experts in diverse matters. Has been edited a final report. In this document is included that it is arising a new social model of relationship, as well as a new socio-economic, technological complex, that is what we call Information and Knowledge Society. This change of paradigm comes prompted, we even would be able to say detonated, by the advance in the information and telecommunications technologies and the process of globalisation, that currently are altering the characteristics of some of the societies that had reached a first phase of development. To this new phase of the general process of modernisation is what we call the Second Modernisation. This recognition on the data processing revolution and of the telecommunications has an enormous relevance at all levels. One of the noticeable aspects of this data processing revolution is the development of the software, especially in those more basic and widely used applications, such as operating systems, network software, databases, office packages, etc. As alternative to commercial software has arisen in the European Union, United States or other countries as Brazil, a movement that states that the software can be created, corrected and diffused freely, without cost to the final user. In this way, the access to advanced and quality data processing resources would not come only conditioned by the financial capacity of the users but would be open to all citizens with independence of its situation, geographical location or economic level.

The Government of the Junta de Andalucia is sensitive on the importance and benefits of this movement, at the same as they are countries like: Brazil, Canada and Germany or cities as Munich, Barcelona that have become authentic leaders of this movement. Conscious of the situation and of the strategic dimension in the short and long term of the phenomenon, the Government of the Junta of Andalucia is supporting firmly this movement to the extent of distributing Free Software and Open Source applications to its own workers, to all the schools of Andalucia by means of the constitution of ICT centers and to the small municipalities of our Region, favoring the wide band services access in rural and remote areas of the Andalucia geography through the project Guadalinfo. In this line we would like to emphasize the cooperation with the Region of Extremadura, with which an agreement has been signed recently and for cooperation and sharing of efforts around the Free Software.

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I Debian Derivative
First Debian Derivative Meeting, will be held in Málaga on the context of the Open Source World Conference.

People involved in Free and Open Source Software Philosophy:

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