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18-20 febrero 2004 Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga
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Regions of the Province of Malaga
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Malaga enjoys an exceptional weather between sea and mountain, along the shores of the mythical mediterranean and the mountains of Malaga. These mountains surrounds the city and in which there are the lovely white villages. Besides the area enjoys of mild winters, the summers are slightly hot and in spring as in autumn the temperatures are splendid.

In town we will find the Park of Malaga which from a century ago keeps collections of tropical and subtropical flora totally acclimatised from all over the world. Concerning sea life, we can visit the Aquarium-Museum "Aula del Mar". This museum is devoted to the flora and fauna of the Alboran Sea and contains over 500 live specimen representing about 100 species, distributed in a large number of aquariums. Besides "Aula de Mar" is the only centre for the rescue of endangered marine species, namely marine turtles and dolphins.

We can enjoy the sights of the city such as the fortress of "La Alcazaba", the roman theatre and the castle of Gibralfaro. As soon as we reach the lovely streets of the town centre, walking becomes a pleasure meanwhile one contemplates façades and buildings full of history. In "Plaza de la Merced" stands the oblisque in honour of General Torrijos, near this place it is located the house where Picasso was born. Near there, in San Agustin street we can see the Palace of the Earls of Buenavista, a 16th century Renaissance building.

In this palace the last 27th October 2003 His Majesty, the King of Spain inaugurated the Picasso Museum. 122 years later from his birth, 204 master pieces of the universal artist, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, come back home. Cristine Ruiz-Picasso and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, daughter-in-law and grandson, are the main contributors of the Museum, thanks to the donation of 204 master pieces of their own private collection. This collection constitutes a unique sample in which one can enjoy the different pictorical styles of the great artist.

From the nearby "Plaza del Obispo" we acn admire the Cathedral and the Bishop´s Palace. Near there we reach the well known "Pasaje de Chinitas", a special place where to stop in order to enjoy its delicious gastronomy. In Malaga one can of course taste a wide variety of cooking but specially in a particular way; what the spanish people call "Tapeo". In this part of the town there is a splendid bid of traditional inns and "bares". If what we want is to take a cup of coffee or shopping we will follow the "Pasaje de Chinitas" to Larios street, the city´s major shopping street.

The shores of the city has three different types of beaches, each one with special features. There are beaches with a wide slope, reaching up to 22%. Within this typologu we can name the "Peñon del Cuervo", "La Cueva", "Torre de las Palomas", "La Araña" and "El Hornillo". The two major landmarks of this stretch of coastline are the "Peñon del Cuervo" and the Port of "El Candado".
Another group pf beaches are bordered by the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Seaside Promenade. These urban beaches include "La Farola", the well known "Malagueta", "La Caleta", "Baños del Carmen", "Pedregalejo", "Las Acacias", "El Palo" and "El Dedo". The last group are long wide sandy beaches and include "San Andrés", "Misericordia", "Guadalhorce", "Guadalmar" and the Golf Parador.


Museo Picasso en Málaga
Turismo en la provincia de Málaga
Turismo en Málaga

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I Debian Derivative
First Debian Derivative Meeting, will be held in Málaga on the context of the Open Source World Conference.

People involved in Free and Open Source Software Philosophy:

Carl Mitcham

Felix Duque Pajuelo

Andoni Alonso

Luis Millán Vázquez de Miguel

Javier Bustamante Donas

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Miguel de Icaza

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