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Bruce Perens believes that the company SCO could be behind the “Mydom” virus

Bruce Perens06-02-2004 WEB EDITORIAL STAF
One of the leaders of the Organisation “Open Source”, Bruce Perens, who uses his web page to steer the free software community, expresses his suspicion that the company SCO, affected by the Mydoom virus, could have “infected itself with the worm to avoid a law suit for purgery”

Bruce Perens, one of the forerunners of “Open Source”, reports on his web that “a company such as this – referring to SCO- would not hesitate in attacking their own Internet portal in order to discredit their competitors”. Furthermore he adds, knock the bottom out of the software community and initiate a battle with SCO by all legal means attainable. In order to make it seem that a virus put together by cyber-delinquents (spammers), SCO or others defaming the authors of Linux”.

SCO is a software company that has woken up to the era of the Linux defenders . In attempting to profit from a freely available software system . The SCO representative, Blake Stowell, confirmed, last Monday, that the virus “MyDoom” had attacked his web page, and rendered it useless. Stowell ended in saying that “instead of continuing the struggle, we believed that the better option was to close down the site and maintain an accessible bandwidth.

Perens also announces that the global community linked to free software would be happy and blessing the attacks received by the SCO website, giving this company a stronger argument for continuing to present itself as the “victim” in their legal battle for the rights of “Unix”.

Microsoft has also suffered an assault in the from of Denial of Service (DoS) against it´s corporate web page ( Without a doubt, a speaker for the company assured that “He could not disclose specific details” with regard to precautions being taken to prevent the proclaimed attack, although, he said, “ we can assure you that working to insure that company web sites remain completely accessible” on the Internet. Microsoft was well as SCO have offered rewards of 250.000 dollars (equal to 200.000 euros) to assist in the detention of those responsible.

Bruce Perens advises against an attack on the SCO site and asks that this company be defeated by the truth that there be no shushing up. That we fight against SCO by all legal means obtainable and continue the advance of free software with a common strength that benefits the world. Bringing advantages of software written by users for users to each and every individual and their community.

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