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18-20 febrero 2004 Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga
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Luis Millán Vázquez de Miguel

Luis Millán Vázquez de MiguelWas born in January 3rd 1950. He is a Doctor in Science and a University Professor. He worked in the EE.UU. granted by the Hispano-North American Committee for the Development of Science and Technology and as a research professor at Florida University. He was the Vice-rector for Academic Arranging and Vice-rector for Academic Planning at the University of Extremadura. In July 1995 it was appointed as the Regional Ministry for Education and Youth at Extremadura Regional Government and in July 1999, as the Regional Ministry for Education, Science and Technology.

It was one of the founders, and nowadays President of the Governing Body, of FUNDECYT (Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology in Extremadura). Making use of its academic responsibilities, it has fomented the development of Science, Technology and Research at the University of Extremadura, and in its political career, it has promoted the strategic actions Extremadura Regional Government is carrying out in the ambit of the Information Society, Telecommunications and Research Networks.

Thanks to his support, the Strategic Director Plan for the Development of the Information Society in Extremadura has been carried out (INFODEX- Inventors of our Own Destiny in the New Age), a competitive project that is a reference of good practice for the European Union, and that makes possible the use of the Information and Communication Technologies to modernise productive activities, to improve the services offered to citizens and to lessen the existing differences among rural and urban areas.

On the other hand, he has developed the basic ideas for the Regional Intranet, as a whole of virtual networks that will interconnect administrative centres, schools, Hospitals, libraries, museums and research centres in Extremadura. This regional Intranet takes as a reference schools, since they are distributed all through the region. This support will be used as a catalyst for the rest of the administration, the enterprises and the whole Society, promoting solidarian and committed positions with the rural world.

The Intranet will be an element for regional integration. One of the most important projects carried out under the coordination of the Regional Ministry for Education, Science and Technology is the EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY NETWORK (RED TECNOLÓGICA EDUCATIVA), a strategic action for the regional educational system. This project will achieve that schools become the mobile for the introduction of the regional population into the Information Society, equalising the situation of children and youth from Extremadura to that of other children from all over the world, exploring the possibilities ITC's offer, promoting e-learning activities and disseminating educational experiences of participation and cooperation among schools.

Finally, under his direction, other regional projects of great political importance have been developed: to bring enterprises nearer e-commerce it has been created FEVAL.COM, the regional platform for e-commerce. To help entrepreneurial young people with great enterprise ideas but with no experience in the field, it has been created VIVERNET (Business Centres in the New Age); and to make every citizen in the region become Technologically Literate, in May 1999, the New Knowledge Centres/IntegraRed (NCC/IntegraRed) were created, this project develops the Technological Literacy Plan in Extremadura. In April 2002 he launched LinEx strategy based on Open Source Sofware.


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