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Martin Michlmayr

Martin MichlmayrHe is Master degree in Philosophy and have recently completed a Master of Science in Psychology.

Actually he is currently doing a Master of Software Systems Engineering at the University of Melbourne and he is looking forward to pursuing a PhD in Software Engineering about Debian and Free Software afterwards.

He have participated in various Free Software projects for over 8 years. In 1994,He joined the GNUstep project which is working on a free implementation of NeXT's (now Apple's) object-oriented development environment OpenStep. My main task involved the coordination of volunteers who were interested in GNUstep.

Later, he joined Linux International as its Publicity Director and Membership Secretary. In this function, he worked together with Jon "maddog" Hall and other important figures of the Linux Community.

He acted as the editor of a German Linux magazine twice and managed to recruit famous developers such as Stephen van den Berg (author of procmail) and Matthias Ettrich (founder of KDE). Additionally, he has published several articles about Free Software projects.

He joined Debian in October 2000. He decided to help out with the New Maintainer (NM) process. and he became an Application Manager (AM).

Also, he is involved in Debian's Quality Assurance (QA). and he created the GPG Key Signing Coordination page so prospective developers can easily find a Debian Developer in their area.