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Javier Dorado, informático de CIDAT, realiza una prueba

The Andalusian Local Government makes a commitment to the ONCE to make Guadalinex accessible to the blind

Fotografia: Luis Serrano
The Andalusian Local Government makes a commitment to the ONCE to collaborate in the realization of a version of Guadalinex with access tools for the visually impaired. José Carlos Alarcón, General Secretary of Development for the Information Society in Andalusia and Eugenio Pérez, Director of the Department of Research and Development, CIDAT made this commitment today at the International Free Software Conference in Malaga

Up until eight months ago blind people only had very limited access to text environments within the Linux operating system. Thanks to the apparition and distribution of Guadalinex and its implantation in the education system, the ONCE has taken the initiative to begin researching this operating system in order to guarantee accessibility in the future. Eugenio Pérez commented that the majority of the autonomous Spanish communities had failed to consider the levels of accessibility required by a blind student to carry out his studies under equal conditions.

Distribution of Guadalinex by the Andalusian Local Government has taken into account the graphical environment of Linux with a view to allowing blind people to have equal access to services as the rest of the population.

José Carlos Alarcón commented “we have said that Guadalinex has been distributed with the citizens in mind. we have said that we will make specific adaptations to Guadaline required by those in the world of education or in other Guadalinfo centres in the future. Alarcón made the commitment to produce a version of Guadalinex that contains access tools required by the visually impaired to enable them to participate equally in the technical revolution and in the Knowledge Society. He added that this could be a project of collaboration which “we could carry out between ONCE and the Andalusian Local Government and orientate in free software besides this I would like to express my own personal satisfaction at having achieved this commitment with ONCE here today.

Eugenio Pérez, Director of the Centre of Research, Development and Tiflotécnica Applications, CIDAT, in Madrid, explained that the ONCE is open to any initiative, where ever it may come from, which is given to facilitating accessibility for blind people in this Information Society. He went on to say that “the ONCE is ready and willing to collaborate with the expectation that the rest of the administrations and private institutions will look to this example when defining their products with the view to achieving accessibility as in the example of Guadalinex”.